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  • Provides excellent traction and grip in dry and wet conditions.
  • Superior tyre life and durability.
  • Large tread blocks.
  • See through circumferential grooves and wide lateral grooves.
  • Directional and better stability.
  • Good traction on highway and off the road condition.
  • Aggressive block design.
  • Good maneuverability.
MRF tyres


  • Features: Continuous centre groove, Continuous Grooves from Centre to shoulder.
  • Functions: Easy rolling, Better water channelling.
  • Benefits: Easy steering and handling, Safer ride on wet roads.
  • Only Tyre ships as part of package. Tube is not included and is to be bought separately.
  • No other accessory will be included unless specifically mentioned.
  • Tubeless Tyres can be used only in vehicles with alloy rims.
  • Features: Tread pattern with “lightning” look, Higher tread contact area.
  • Angular/Directional block pattern and Wider Grooves, Deep shoulder Grooves.
CEAT tyres


  • Curve road stability.
  • High performance.
  • Designed for more grip in the wet surface.
  • Excellent Grip in Wet Condition.
  • Attractive tread design.
  • Designed to minimize uneven wear.
  • Sporty load.
  • Longer tyre life and excellent handling.
  • Increased grip for unmatched safety.