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Exide and Amaron

A car battery is what helps the vehicle start up and continue running. The electrical energy necessary to make the car work is stored in the battery. Most batteries will continue working well for 5 to 7 years. Keeping your car on a regular maintenance and testing schedule with your mechanic will ensure your battery works properly, and there are things you can do yourself to help. Maintain car batteries by checking them and cleaning them on a regular basis, and charging them when necessary.

  • Most car batteries have a heavy-duty plastic case with two terminals to connect the positive and negative (ground) wires to the car. The terminals are usually made of lead or brass and can look like two thimbles. The terminals can also be two threaded screws or two threaded holes on the front of the battery. Take a picture before removing the cables to make sure the positive and negative cables do not get reversed.
  • Pull up the fill caps on the battery to inspect the fluid level. Some batteries do not have fill caps because they are made so they do not need any water.
  • Remove the connectors from the battery terminal by moving them from side to side and gently pulling them up.
  • Rub the wire brush into a paste of baking soda mixed with distilled water. Gently scrub the terminal to achieve a shine and remove dried acid build-up.
  • Take your car to an auto parts store for battery testing between visits to your regular mechanic. They can check the voltage and the charge for you, and offer you products that may help with your battery maintenance plan. Remember that a battery under 12.5 volts should never be tested until it reaches a fully charged level. A battery tester will often show “Bad Battery” if the battery is not fully charged even though the battery is perfectly good!
  • Some cars include an insulator to protect the battery against very high temperatures, which can dry out its fluid quickly. The insulator should be in place and undamaged.
  • Refill the battery only with distilled water, if the level is low. Pour the water into the cell using a funnel. Do not overfill. Wait for the water to reach the bottom of the refill hole. Never overfill into the fill holes.