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Product description:

We offer Nitrogen gas Filling for your car tires. We are well-equipped with a nitrogen gas pressure pump and facilitates. Nitrogen is a dry, inert gas used to inflate airplane tires, off-road truck tires, military vehicle tires, and race car tires for improved performance, more tire mileage and better fuel economy.

Why Use Nitrogen :
  • Less inflation pressure loss.
  • Reduced wheel corrosion.
  • Prevents inner-liner rubber deterioration by oxidation.
  • Tires run cooler.
  • Increases tread life.
  • Increases fuel mileage.
  • Helps prevent uneven wear.

Oxygen in compressed air permeates through the wall of the tire, thus reducing the tire’s inflation pressure. During it’s journey through the tire wall, oxygen oxidizes the rubber compounds in the tire, causing under-inflation and deterioration of the rubber . Dry nitrogen will maintain proper

inflation pressure and will prevent auto-ignition, will not corrode rims, extends valve core life, and will help the tire to run cooler.

The biggest advantages – improved tire life

Experts in the tire industry indicate that oxidative aging is one of the primary causes of decreased tire life. Oxidative aging is caused by the diffusion of oxygen from the pressurized air cavity of the tire to the outside atmosphere. Tests have shown that if tires are inflated with nitrogen, there is a significant reduction in tire failure